2013: In retrospect.

January 8, 2014

2013 was a solid year for us. We celebrated our eighth birthday, started our own podcast, made it easier to apply to jobs, and hired a Junior Unicorn.

After sifting through lines and lines of data from 2013, below are some of the more interesting stats from the year.

Infographic showing interesting stats from 2013

Note: Generalized assumptions about the web/tech/design industries should not be inferred from our data. Instead, this data is just that—our data.

That being said, here are some notable stats from the year:

  • New York, San Francisco, and Chicago round out the top U.S. cities for listings posted to Authentic Jobs. London, Amsterdam, and Toronto are tops for international cities.
  • Nearly one-third (31%) of all listings were posted in the front-end development category. This number is slightly higher than it might be otherwise, given employers can choose up to two categories when posting a listing.
  • Dashboard designer for Mercedes-Benz. Period. Sit on that for a minute. (Envious!)
  • In 2013, nearly twice as many startups posted jobs compared to 2012.
  • JavaScript was mentioned more than any other skill in job descriptions.

2014 is already off to a great start, and we’ve got numerous things in the works, such as Crew.is and a substantial redesign for Authentic Jobs.

And don’t forget, our annual 50% off New Year’s sale continues through January 11.

New Year, New Savings: 50% off all listings

January 2, 2014

50% off all listings. See team's tweets for discount code.

If you’ve followed us over the past few years, you know the drill. We offer a discount this steep only twice a year: September campaign, and New Year’s.

Get a jump start on hiring new employees and finding freelancers in 2014 with 50% off all listings. But there’s a catch. You’ll need to visit the tweet streams of our team members to find a discount code.

Also, we’ve added 2 new job types for the new year:

  • Moonlighting: Work that can be done in the evenings & weekends as side work. This doesn’t replace but complements the existing ‘Freelance’ job type, which is more suited to those doing freelance work as their primary income.
  • Part-time: We’ve had numerous requests for this job type over the years. Just like it says, this is for part-time positions (typically 10–35 hours per week).

So, grab a discount code from our team tweets and post as many positions as you’d like. Expires January 11.

58% off any listing. Today only.

September 25, 2013

58% off any listing. Today only.

It’s our 8th birthday today. Enjoy 58% off any listing. No limit, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee applies (as always). But get a jump on things, as our sale expires tonight at midnight.

New feature: Improved application process

September 24, 2013

Last week we quietly released a new feature which allows candidates to apply directly through Authentic Jobs. Try it here. (Be kind, this is a real job listing!)

Adding a cover letter, location, links to recent projects, and uploading attachments is simple.

Application Attachments

This update allows employers to receive applications in a consistent format, report abuse, and get a realtime feel for how their listing is performing.

Updated Admin Statistics

So, give it a try. Post a new listing and choose “Through Authentic Jobs” as the application method.

Choosing the new application method

P.S. You can link directly to the application page from your company website, tweet the URL, etc.

Authentic Jobs 8th birthday giveaway and $100,000 charity: water campaign

September 13, 2013

Today we’re elated to announce the Authentic Jobs 8th birthday giveaway and $100,000 charity: water campaign. It’s been months in the working and incorporates the talent of several amazing people.

Most importantly, please considering donating generously to our campaign. We hope to surpass $100,000 in donations to charity: water over the years, and we’re confident we can do it with your help.

And of course, a birthday isn’t a birthday without presents, so we’ve got lots of great prizes to give away, including T-shirts designed by Sergey Shapiro:


Additionally, one of you (and a guest of your choice) will join our founder, Cameron Moll, in New York City for charity: ball 2013 on Monday, December 16—all expenses paid. Apply for the chance to join us.

A special thanks to Sarah Parmenter for lending her voice to the video, and our sponsors for helping make this possible:

  • Campaign Monitor, whose terrific email marketing app we’ve trusted for years
  • Squarespace, which makes website building gloriously simple and beautiful
  • An Event Apart, whose conferences are unparalleled in our industry
  • InVision App, a masterful prototyping tool that we use all the time

Please continue to post a job or find a job, and we’ll keep trying our best to make a difference in our industry and in the fight for clean water.

Achievement unlocked: 300 loans on Kiva

June 14, 2013

Our 300th Kiva loan

This week we surpassed a milestone we’re extremely proud of: Our 300th loan through Kiva, a micro-lending community for entrepreneurs around the globe. Some of the faces shown above are entrepreneurs we’ve assisted.

We’ve been contributing a tiny portion of our income to Kiva since 2008, and the impact of these micro-loans is geographically diverse.

Our loans shown on a map

Thank you for playing a part in achieving this milestone through the significant act of finding creative talent or landing your next job. You’re helping us lend a hand to small business owners across the globe.

FWIW, our 300th loan was to Ana Gladys of El Salvador for repair and purchase of sewing supplies. As of this writing, she still needs $200 to reach her goal. If you can join us in funding her loan, register on Kiva.

Hired, episode 8: Jason Fried

June 13, 2013

Jason Fried of 37signals on our Hired podcast

Best known for Basecamp, Rework, and his “question everything” attitude, Jason chats with Cameron about all of those topics including an upcoming book, Remote, and why more companies should consider remote working.

We also welcome two listing sponsors, Happy Cog and Hudl:

(Contact us if you’re interested in appearing as a listing sponsor on future shows.)

Introducing Perks.io

April 18, 2013


Perks.io is a new microsite that randomly displays listing data from Authentic Jobs, but only the job perks. (Think bacon and ping-pong tables.)

We’re in the thick of Hackweek here in Sarasota, Florida, where we bring our tiny team together for a week of strategizing, building, and good food. One of our objectives was to design and build a site from start to finish during our time together. Perks.io is the result.

The premise was simple: Expose the data in our listings in a fresh, unique way. The idea for extracting job perks sprang from one of Cameron’s featured job tweets (example). The first iteration was a simple, static comp:

First iteration of Perks.io

From there, we began building and refining concurrently—Cameron on design, Adam on code, and The Lumineers on Rdio.

For the logo, we settled on Thirsty Rough pretty quickly. It’s a new typeface from Ryan Martinson that has a nice distressed, scripty feel to it. Adam was quick to point out that the ‘P’ was a little too Pinterest-y:

Showing the modified 'P' in the Perks logo

A little time spent modifying anchor points in Illustrator resolved the issue, though it meant we couldn’t use the webfont version to render the logo. With a quick build like this, we were okay with the trade-off.

Perks.io website

A few more rounds in Photoshop and a bokeh photo later, the site was taking shape. Adam had nearly the entire site built—front-end markup and back-end code—by the time Cameron had finessed the aesthetics. It’s built on the Laravel PHP framework with a healthy dose of Sass and a dash of Backstretch for the stretchy header. Data is pulled from the Authentic Jobs API, as you might imagine.

So have a looksie, and give @cameronmoll and @adamjspooner your 2c about our little project, if you wouldn’t mind.


March 5, 2013


We’re thrilled to introduce Hired, a new podcast from Authentic Jobs about jobs, hiring, and the culture within companies across the web.

And we’re even more thrilled to have Charles Adler, one of the co-founders of Kickstarter, as our inaugural guest. Charles was kind enough to share an insider’s rap about Kickstarter’s success, their team’s DNA, and some additional details about the Product Designer position currently posted on our site.

Give episode one a listen, and follow @HiredPodcast for updates about future guests. (We’ve got some stellar ones lined up.)

New Year, New Savings: 50% off all listings

January 2, 2013

New Year's #2013 promotion: 50% off

Get a jump start on hiring new employees and finding freelancers with our annual New Year’s promotion: 50% off all listings. But there’s a catch. You’ll need to visit the tweet streams or websites of our listing partners to find a discount code.

Here are a few quick links to some of their codes:

We typically offer a discount this steep only twice a year, so take advantage of the promotion while it lasts. Expires midnight on January 11.