We need your 3-second video to help us celebrate $30,000 for Rwanda

December 21, 2012


We’re confident we’ll hit our goal of raising $30,000 for a community + school in Rwanda before the deadline on December 31 (though we still need your donations to make it happen).

Once we hit our goal, we’re going to make a celebration video starring you, the champs who made it happen and who will bring clean water to an entire community and neighboring school.

So, join in and create a video as follows:

  • Shoot a video with your phone, DSLR, mirrorless, iSight, or whatever camera
  • Keep it to 3 seconds or less so we can include as many videos as possible
  • Make it celebratory! Be creative. Examples might include “Go Rwanda!” or you creatively holding a sign with the number 30,000 on it
  • If the file is less than 10 MB, send it to support{at}authenticjobs{dot}com, OR
  • If the file is larger than 10 MB, post the video (any format) in your Public folder on Dropbox or Box, or use any of the apps for sending large files
  • We’ll create a montage with your video and post it to the site, and we’ll also do everything in our power to show it to the community that receives water tap stands because of our campaign.

Get inspired by watching this 2012 recap from charity: water:

Thank you.

December 19, 2012

Founder Cameron Moll personally thanks all of you for contributing thus far to our charity: water campaign.

We’d like to especially thank Jeff Snider, Jeffrey Zeldman, Aaron Gustafson, Dave Greiner, and Jonathan Moore for their generous contributions. As we were uploading this video, another significant donation came in from True Themes.

More thank-yous to come!

‘Jobs’ app for iPhone now available

December 7, 2012

Jobs for iPhone

Jobs for iPhone, a third-party app independently developed by LaTroupe Studios, is now available in the App Store. We think it’s pretty fantastic. We think we’re probably biased, too. But still, LaTroupe Studios did a terrific job.

Please support their efforts (and keep yourself gainfully employed while at it) by purchasing the app for just $0.99. (Well done, Jordi!)

Happy birthday to us! A gift to you.

September 25, 2012

57% off, today only

On this day seven years ago, Authentic Jobs was born. Celebrate with us by enjoying 57% off any job listing. No limit. No promo code needed. Today only.

Help us raise $30,000 for clean water.

September 4, 2012

You’ve helped us raise nearly $50,000 for clean water. Let’s make magic happen again this year.

It’s our 7th birthday this month (can you believe it?), and we’re kicking off things once again by asking you to donate to charity: water, the non-profit, clean-water powerhouse that we’ve supported over the past few years.

Authentic Jobs + charity: water site

Our goal this year is to raise enough funds to bring clean drinking water to an entire community and neighboring school. $30,000 will fully fund tap stands for up to 800 people, with water delievered to those taps through a series of electric pumps and pipes, and good old-fashioned gravity. No more trekking hours every day just to find water.

So, please join the cause by donating $7, $77, or $777 to charity: water.

Donate now to charity: water

Using Pictos Server for icons.

May 11, 2012

Using a web font for icons is nothing new, but we’d like to share our experience using Pictos Server on our most recent release (job listing stats).

Pictos Server is simple to use. Sign up, customize the icon set you’d like to use, and serve it up. It’s that easy. With over 600 icons to choose from, you’ll probably be able to find what you need.

Pictos icon samples

We needed only a handful of icons for the listing stats feature. So, our custom Pictos font was fairly lightweight, less than 12 KB.

One of the caveats of using Pictos Server over hosting a custom font file is a limitation in Internet Explorer 9, namely CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing). Drew Wilson, creator of Pictos Server, is fervently working on update. So, this limitation shouldn’t be around much longer.

In the meantime, we created a simple sprite sheet to replace the font in Internet Explorer 9:

Sprite sheet for IE9

Designing in the browser has been touted as one of the biggest advantages for using a web font for icons, and we couldn’t agree more. For example, shortly after launch, we began receiving support concerns about whether emails were being lost from applicants. We can only track when someone clicks the “Apply for this job” button, not if they follow through. So, we tried to make that clear in the interface. But, we knew we had failed by showing an icon of a torn piece of paper with a heading of ‘Clicked “Apply”.’

A clearer representation of what was actually happening was needed, and we landed on a mouse cursor with a title of ‘Clicked “Apply” button.’ The change took only a few minutes using a web font:

Changing the icon in minutes

Not only do these icons look great on the desktop, but they look absolutely lovely on mobile devices and tablets, and especially nice and crisp on devices with retina displays.

We think using a web font for icons is swell. Give them a try if you’re not already.

–Adam Spooner (@adamjspooner), Authentic Jobs’ front-end ace.

New feature: Listing statistics.

May 3, 2012

We’ve lifted the covers on a new feature for employers: Statistics for any listings you’ve posted to the site. You’ll see overall views, referrers, email notifications sent to candidates, and so on.

You’ll also enjoy easy access to transaction data and PDF receipts.

Stats in the new Employer Admin

Of course, we can track only data that resides on our end. So we can tell you how many people have clicked the “Apply” button, but we can’t tell you how many people have actually submitted applications after clicking it (that happens via the email address or URL you specify). In the near future, we’ll be able to provide you with that data once candidates can apply through our site.

So, give it a go. Post a new listing or view statistics for an existing listing by clicking the edit link we sent in the confirmation email after posting.

The importance of a response.

March 22, 2012

Over the years, we’ve received emails from candidates who told us they found an attractive job opening on our site, applied, and subsequently never heard back from the employer or client.

This results in an immediate sadface for us. We believe all candidates should be afforded the decency of a response. It’s difficult to encourage this because we don’t facilitate communication between companies and candidates; that happens off-site.

This will all change when Authentic Crew is available. Companies and candidates will be able to communicate directly with one another regarding job opportunities.

At that point, because we’ll be in the business of facilitating communication between users, we’ll ask both the company and the candidate to be responsible enough to respond. We’ll do this by conspicuously stating your response rate, something we’ve been thinking through for quite some time.

Here’s an example:

Response rate

Companies and candidates will be encouraged to respond as their response rate will be clearly stated. The higher the response rate, the more willing you’ll be to make contact.

No more sadfaces. We hope.

Drop us your email and we’ll notify you when Authentic Crew is ready:

Please say ‘Hi’ to Adam.

February 13, 2012

Adam Spooner working on his '73 BMW

Adam Spooner is a rare find. He’s a master of front-end development with a strong understanding of both UI design and back-end development. His soft skills are terrific. And he’s an auto restoration geek in training.

Adam joins the company today as our first full-time hire. Among the many applicants that responded to our listing, his passion and experience led the pack. Folks like this don’t come along often, and we’re pleased as punch he said, ‘Aye.’

Please join us in giving Adam a warm welcome. The Twitters are probably a good place for that: @adamjspooner. He’ll help us continue to connect companies and creative professionals seeking to make a better web, and for that we’re grateful.

Welcome, Adam!

Ate my own dog food, and it wasn’t half bad.

January 11, 2012

Screenshot of the Authentic Jobs listing for Front-End Developer

I started Authentic Jobs six years ago with the intent of connecting companies and creative professionals to make a better web. Little did I realize the company proper, Authentic Jobs Inc., would be one of those who — not once but several times over — made the connection with creative professionals.

Myles, easily the most pleasant and skilled engineer I’ve ever worked with, was found through a freelance listing I posted to the site. He’s stuck with me for nearly five years now in a part-time role.

Ben, who deftly architected the advanced HTML5/CSS3/jQuery stuff found under the hood of our site, was snatched a couple years ago through another freelance listing. His business partner, Marc, later joined the fray. A few other contractors, also found through freelance listings, have come and gone since.

And I’ve met countless people through email or at conferences who have made connections both ways, as well.

Foodie Feast

Recently I posted a listing for a Front-End Developer (archived copy here). If successful, this will be the company’s first full-time hire. Nerves and all that for me, for sure.

Here are the results from my listing:

  • 71 people applied
  • 27 of those applicants (or 38%) were archived in a folder titled “Not Qualified” due to lack of experience, time zone, etc.
  • 5 (7%) were archived in a folder titled “Contractors”. They were seeking contract or freelance work, rather than full-time work.
  • 31 (44%) were moved to a folder called “Qualified”. Their skills and experience, at the very least, seemed to match what I was looking for.
  • 8 (11%) were placed in a folder called “Shortlist”. These are the candidates I’ve begun following up with.

I was quite pleasantly suprised — very surpised, in fact — at the volume of qualified candidates who applied. Authentic Jobs has always been focused on quality over quantity, and so 71 applications for a single listing is pretty atypical.

I’ll say that again: It’s unlikely you’ll receive as many applications as I did if you post a listing to Authentic Jobs. However, it’s 100% likely you’ll have access to the same great pool of candidates. Whether or not they apply is, of course, another story.

Why They Applied

In retrospect, here’s why I think so many applied: I didn’t restrict myself to local candidates. This easily accounted for the majority of the volume. Only about a dozen of the applicants were here in Florida.

The location for this position was listed as “East Coast, Florida even better”. I don’t have much choice, as Sarasota (and Florida in general) isn’t exactly a hotbed for web talent. But having worked with several remote contractors over the years and having spent some time in the role of remote contractor myself, telecommuting is second nature to me. In fact, it really deserves to be second nature to any company doing business on the web.

Note, however, that I wasn’t looking for anyone in any time zone. Having done the contractor thing for some time now, I’m familiar with trying to schedule calls and coordinate development over multiple time zones. It’s not easy, especially when urgent needs arise. For that reason, I was open to candidates only in the same time zone as myself.

Additionally, I think we’ve got a great product. It’s a product, a brand, an app that people believe in and can rally behind. And it’s one that works well for its customers. Several candidates mentioned having previously gotten jobs or freelance projects from Authentic Jobs.


So, what are the takeaways here? Obvious, I’m sure. You’re likely to see a greater number of qualified candidates if you’re willing to consider applications beyond your commuting boundaries. Of course, it isn’t mandatory for finding great candidates through Authentic Jobs or similar services (two of the candidates on my shortlist are here in Florida). But it’s certainly helpful.

Equally important is having a product, a brand, an app that those of us who invest our careers in can be proud of. Ours is not an industry begging for work. There’s no shortage of it right now, and that means we have the fortunate privilege of being a little picky and choosy when it comes to jobs and freelance projects.

Final takeaway? I sure wish I could have used Authentic Crew during my search, as it would have greatly aided in the process of acquiring, filtering, reviewing, and messaging candidates. Soon, Cameron. Soon.

–Cameron Moll, Founder