This is a big day for us.

May 25, 2011

Today we’re announcing a few things we’ve been assiduously crafting behind the scenes:

  1. A realigned, adaptive layout that renders well on most web-enabled devices
  2. Authentic Jobs UK and new listing partners
  3. Touchscreen Tussle iPad contest

The deets follow, in that order.

Realigned, Adaptive Layout

We can’t call it a truly responsive design, as we’re using media queries that adapt at three breaking points (desktop, tablet, mobile) rather than a fully fluid site that scales to fit any screen size. However, we can say we’ve consulted with Mr. Responsive himself, Ethan Marcotte, along the way, and he’s been a genuine help.

So instead, we’ll call it an adaptive design. And we don’t just adapt the content. The functionality of the filtering mechanism on the home page changes depending on screen size and device capability.

Try it out: Visit Authentic Jobs on your tablet or mobile device. You can also use your laptop or desktop browser and simply expand and contract the browser window. If your browser supports geolocation, try the “Locate me” feature, too.

If you like what you see, please give Ben Bodien a pat on the back. He did an outstanding job wrestling a very tall order to adapt not just the content but the functionality, as well. (And if you don’t like what you see, please contact us and tell us why.)

Authentic Jobs UK

This has been a long time coming and a very natural extension of the Authentic Jobs brand. Companies and web professionals in the UK comprise our largest audience outside the US. Often positions in the UK posted to the existing site get lost in the shuffle. To help these listings stand out, we’ve launched Authentic Jobs UK and @authjobs_uk.

To promote the new site and drive traffic to it over time, we’ve partnered with three UK webbies you’re probably familiar with:

As they say across the pond, we’re well chuffed to have them on board as listing partners. You’ll see them feature UK listings on their sites and in their Twitter streams.*

Oh, and did we mention all listings are just £1 during our grand opening?

Touchscreen Tussle Contest

We’ve got three limited-edition iPads with (RED)™ Smart Covers that we’re dying to give away. Each is a white model with our name engraved on the back. They look absolutely splendid, if we may say so ourselves.

To have a chance at winning, hit up the Touchscreen Tussle page and follow the instructions for any (or all) of the three entry methods. Contest ends June 10.

The end. For now, that is. We’ll have plenty more to say about this and Authentic Crew in the near future, but our fingers are spent from all the typing — and coding.

* As with our existing partners, we compensate these fine folks for tweeting about our listings, in addition to featuring listings on their sites.

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